Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Well started Weight Watchers. Counting my points and tracking all my food that I eat. Several people at work have lost tons of weight with WW. I know that slow and steady always wins. I would like to wake up one day and I have dropped an easy 20lbs. But we know that it justn't happen that way.

Snow is the word for today. It just keeps coming!!!!! The roads are slick with the snow being really wet.

One way that I am focusing on my weight loss and becoming a better fit and healthy me, is that I am signing up for several charity walks and rides this summer. I just signed up to ride the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure 2008 Bike Ride this June. I will be riding 25k and raising funds for diabetes research. Being a type 2 diabetic and my mother is a type 1, and being a RN I see the impact of diabetes everyday. Look for the link to my personal fund raising page for more info. I am also going to particpate in the MS Walk for a Cure this April. Several people from work said that will be joing me on that walk.

Work will suck this weekend! Working just about 60hrs in the next 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowing outside and watching spring training baseball on ESPN. The Cleveland Indians are playing the NY Mets. GO TRIBE!!!!!!!! Love Baseball!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Starting Over...................

Not really sure what has been going on with me. No, thats a lie. I use food as a comfort, as a friend. Work has been REALLY F@#KED lately and I have been using food to get me through. Working 16hrs/12hrs and doubling back (work till 1130pm and coming back at 7am) I have turned to food to get me through this.

Knowing that means something has to change, so I have to "man up" and take this by the horns before all of this kills me.

So, in an effort to right this sinking ship I call my weight loss battle, I am signing up with Weight Watchers. Yes, my first meeting is in two days, Thursday @ 6pm. Now I know what you are saying "WW is not alone going to work", yes I know and thanks for sharing. I will be also focusing on my work outs.

Everything starts with baby steps:
*Begin the Weight Watchers Program and faithfully record & journal my daily calorie intake.
*Begin a program of excerise. Beginning with a walking program with a goal:
Goals to include: I am signing up for 5k events starting in May and will do two a month, will be doing local health walks (MS walk for example). This way by paying for these events I will help to maintain my motivation as I hate to waste money and I get the benefit of the excerise.

I have also joined a contest at work. Our own version of the Biggest Loser Couples. I am paired up with a fellow nursing supervisor and if we win we split $500.00.

Mainting this blog also helps me to maintain an avenue of sharing my frusttraions and joys as I begin my quest for a Fit and Healthy me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well down only 2lbs but hey its in the lost column and not in the gained...right?????? Not much to say but hitting the indoor trach at the community center (16 laps = 1 mile) but after a while it gets so freaking boring. Thankfuly I have my iPod.

I love my iPod. I have been listening to the podcast from Pheddipations and a couple NPR radio shows. It helps to pass the time. The sound blows my mind, I swear its just like having someone speaking direct to me.

Goals for 2008 will soon be posted.

It was just announced that we will be getting our tax rebates (married couple $1200 + 2 children $600 = $1800) checks should be in the mail (in the mail and I will respect you in the morning) about May. Anyone have plans???? Any new gadget or equipment? I am thinking a Garmin 305????? Not sure how I can convince the wife on that one?????

Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the right direction................

Well its been a couple weeks since my last posting. Work has been crazy and then my Grandmother Dottie passed away this past week. She is no longer in pain or suffering, so her passing is a blessing for her.

Well down 7lbs in since last posting. Went to the gym and it has a walking track and walked a mile but had to stop. My left knee was killing me. It is a hanging walking track with very little padding on the walkway.

On line for my BS in Nursing is beating me up. Not sure if I will take a spring class or not.

Am also looking at my 2008 events, I will post then later and may need some input from you guys on my choices and if doable.

Well the Packers are playing on the TV now GO PACKERS!!!!! Even though from Ohio I am a huge Brett Favre fan.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't Know What to Say.................................

Don't know what to say fro my lack of blogging and my status on my weight loss. But I will give it a try.

I have been sick. I came down with a bad pneumonia and it has taken me FOREVER to get over it. It has left me in a weaken state. My blood sugar was off due to to meds that I was on so they changed my diabetic meds and I put on my weight that I had loss earlier.

When this was going on I was still on-line working towards my BSN (BS in Nursing) and work was terrrible with us being one down in our supervision team.

Depression set in + not feeling well = weight gain.

Some how this is not the first time we have heard this story. It seems to be the same old story with me. I have to stop re-telling this tale. And I have to stop right now.

So, here I am. Back asking to be back in the fold with you all again. I never really left you. I would log on and follow your writing.

So how am I going to get back on track?

Well its back to the same low calorie and increased excerise that I had success with earlier. My tools will be this blog, reading your blogs, Calorie King, my NB shoes, my iPod, the C25K program.

Will post goals for 2008 later.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The morning after..................

Even though I am a medical person, trained and educated on the human body, this am I gained even more knowledge. I never knew there were muscles in some parts of my body that HURT!!!!!!!!!!

The morning after Heather. Every muscle screams out.

But you know what?????????????????? I want more. I must be a sick f@*k but I can't wait till I go back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heather be her name................

0600 am this morning I was put through a workout by the personal trainer at my gym. Heather (ex-military) put me through my paces for almost an hour and a 1/2!!!! From lifting weights (squats etc) to putting my fat ass on the floor with the gym full of people working out to make me do push up and crunchs and leg lifts and these killer movements she calls "planks". Then at the end she puts me on the treadmill and I increase my speed to a fast walking pace and she starts to increase the incline and slowly takes me up to a 15 incline.

Every cell in my body is sore, but not painful. I LOVED MY WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait till Friday to do it again. She has me to a day after Turkey Trot 5k!!!!! I need this pushing!!!!!!!

More to share later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!